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Mike Sanchez - Big Town Playboy - BOOK REVIEWS



"Couldn't put the book down, a page-turner from cover to cover... Michael Madden's attention to detail is outstanding, he manages to cram the book full of detailed, year on year accounts whilst at the same time keeping the pace going. The inclusion of chapter 12; 'Mike on Music' provides a wonderful insight into Mike's understanding of musical history and into his extensive repertoire. For anyone who has, like myself, ever wondered why Mike Sanchez has never been given the extensive spotlight of other so called 'niche artists' such as Jools Holland or Jamie Cullum, Big Town Playboy delivers a superb insight into the life and times of the man himself. This book could easily be used as a textbook on how to make a living and a legacy in the music business outside of the mainstream. Five stars all week and twice on Sunday." Louise Digman, Estonia Mike Sanchez would have invented rocknroll if no one else had bothered Mark Lamarr He is our Little Richard, with a bit of Jerry Lee Lewis thrown in Jeff Beck People who see him never forget him Albert Lee What other people were doing in the studio, he did on the stage, and he did it fantastically well Bill Wyman Mike has got that natural talent. Like John McEnroe at tennis or David Beckham at football, Mike has that on piano Andy Fairweather-Low Hes a great singer, musician and songwriter, and a brilliant entertainer Imelda May Mike Sanchez deserves the best because he is the best Rick Vito "It certainly rings true to my few experiences of meeting Mike as the impression given here is exactly what I felt: that the wonddefully manic firebrand on stage was a quiet, sy gentleman off it." - Pete Bowen, Now Dig This, July 2014






An interesting in site about the progression of a shy boy from London to International performer.

By Angela Wilden on 2 Jun 2014


Throughly enjoyed this book.Very well written by Mike Madden. The book tells the life story of Mike Sanchez the UK's number one Rhythm & Blues singer songwriter and band leader. From the struggles of growing up in London, forming a band and becoming an internationally acclaimed artist. With imput from Robert Plant, Jeff Beck, Albert Lee, Bill Wyman, Imelda May and many others Mike has worked with. This is a must for any music fan.






Rockin' The Blues In The UK...and Beyond!

By Steve P. on 14 Aug 2014


Having first discovered the musical talents of Mike with his Big Town Playboys around 25 years ago, I was expecting great things from this book and I wasn't disappointed! A compelling and absorbing story, expertly written by Michael compelling, in fact, that I read it in one sitting! Michael tells Mike's life story from his family roots in Spain, through his early childhood in London, his adolescence in the West Midlands, his growing infatuation with Rhythm & Blues and Rock 'n' Roll and on to his eventful career on the roots music scene in the UK, Europe and beyond. Michael's writing style is professional, yet highly readable, skillfully blending musical matters, humorous anecdotes and sometimes moving insights on Mike's personal life. Michael builds up a revealing picture of a hugely talented musician who is wildly extrovert on stage but friendly and quiet off it - a picture those of us who have had the good fortune to see him perform and make his acquaintance will recognise. All in all, a truly memorable book that's up there in my top five music biographies (along with those on Wynonie Harris, Little Willie John, Big Jay McNeely and Huey "Piano" Smith) of all time! If you've ever seen Mike perform or bought a record by him, buy this book!







Mike Sanchez, Big Town Playboy.

By Brian Goodwin on 18 Jun 2014


What an absorbing and informative book this is by Mike Madden. If you like Rhythm & Blues, Boogie Woogie, Rockabilly and the like, and especially Mike Sanchez, then this book is a MUST!








Great read

By ms kate sebire on 14 Aug 2014


Fantastic read for anyone interested in interesting people and a great story. Well written, easy to read and absorbing. Highly recommend







In this excellent book he takes you with him on his lifelong ...

By Jan Athmer on 23 July 2014


Mike Sanchez always was and always will be a profound music researcher. In this excellent book he takes you with him on his lifelong journey through the history of the music he loves and performs so brilliantly. From the roots of rock and roll , the great rhythm and blues of the late forties and early fifties, to the great creators of rock and roll like Fats Domino, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. Rhythm and blues pianist and singer Little Willie Littlefield was one Mike's most important inspirations. Willie and Mike were friends from the days they first met in the mid 80's till Willie passed away in 2013. When I first attented a Little Willie concert in the mid 80's I realised: "This is the greatest solo piano+vocals perfomance I' ve ever attended." After attending my first solo piano+vocals Mike Sanchez concert many years later I knew: "Mike is the only one who has the brilliance to step into Willie's footsteps". Through the years I talked a lot with Willie; he recognised Mike's great qualities and talked often about Mike.
It's great to know that other great artist like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Robert Plant and Mick Fleetwood also recognise his great talent.
If you want to explore the roots of rock and roll; read this book. If you want to feel the roots of rock and roll: go to Mike's shows!




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