MIKE SANCHEZ and his band featuring ALBERT LEE
So Many Routes
Doopin 05

So Many Routes

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  • MIKE SANCHEZ and his band featuring ALBERT LEE
    Doopin 05

    1. Help Me Find My Way (Mike Sanchez)

    2. I Don't Stand A Chance (Mike Sanchez)

    3. Ain't Gonna Let Nothin' (Mike Sanchez)

    4. Your Moma's Got A Crush On Me (Mike Sanchez)

    5. Messed With An Angel (Mike Sanchez)

    6. Glad All Over (Roy Bennett/Aaron Schroeder/Sid Topper)

    7. Modern Don Juan (Don Guess/Jack Neil)

    8. I'm Waitin' For You (Mike Sanchez)

    9. Modern Romance (Danny Wolfe)

    10. I Got Love If You Want It (James Moore)

    11. I'm Moving On (Clarence Snow)

    12. When Something's Gone Wrong (Mike Sanchez)

    13. Nothing Else To Say (Mike Sanchez)

    14. Bertha Lou (John Marascalco)

    Mike Sanchez - Vocals/acoustic guitar/piano, Albert Lee - Guitar, Mark Morgan - Drums, Al Gare - Double bass/bass guitar, plus, Martin Winning - Tenor saxophone on Tracks 03,07,08,14 Clarinet on Track 05. Nick Payn - Baritone saxophone on Tracks 03 Tenor saxophone on 08 & 14, Alto flute on Track 05, Harmonica on Track 04.

    Sarah Wynne & Mark Morgan - Backing vocals on tracks 01, 03 &11

    Recorded at Sweet Georgia Brown Studios, London, England, 2004. Engineered by Ryan Savage.

    Mixed and mastered by Sam Van Coillie at Lazy Moon Studio, Warwickshire England 2014.

    Artwork and cover design - Diavolo Design