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August 2000 – Mike Sanchez Solo – Colne Blues Festival – Blueprint

Mike Sanchez- BLUEPRINT Magazine
11th Great British R&B Festival, Colne, Lancashire. 28th, August 2000

Mike Sanchez completely blew the afternoon crowd away with probably the wildest set of the festival. After some dynamite boogie woogie, including the highly appropriate “I’m Mad”, it was time for him to pick up his guitar and astound us all with several numbers only he could get away with. Jim Reeves? The Ink Spots ? He is a born showman and appears to work without a set list, which is a sure sign of a natural entertainer. We’ve rarely seen such a huge post gig queue to purchase CD’s.



Mike Sanchez
Guisborough R'n'B Club, 8th July 2000.

We were all treated to a virtuoso performance at the Guisborough R'n'B Club by one of the most respected artists in the country. Mike Sanchez, keyboard player, guitarist and singer, a showman of unbridled talent. We were very lucky to have him play in our little town and had no doubt of the impact he would have on the audience. The first set had the audience transfixed, unable to move, just watching the man perform was enough. The second set had them jumping and jiving, how one man on stage can have that effect on so many people is beyond me. Mike is on the threshold of forming a band, God knows what the response will be when he does, but one thing is for sure is, you will se them at Guisborough R'n'B Club: Can't wait!
-- Ralph of Guis.



April 2000 – Mike Sanchez Solo – 12th Burnley Blues Festival / CD review from Norway
written by Brian Smith for Blues & Rhythm Magazine.

Sunday night's opener was the wonderful Mike Sanchez. After fronting the Big Town Playboys for 15 years and kick-starting many a new club and festival (including the first night at the first Burnley ), Mike has now widened his occassional solo appearances into a major career re-launch.Rather than his impact being lessened, alone on a large concert stage, he was clearly "going for it" and turned in possibly his finest solo performance ever. Words like 'dynamic' and ' charismatic' always get used, because they fit him to a ' T '. The guy is quite simply a star and he put in as varied a one-man show as you'll get - thundering boogies, blues and R&B ( some his own ), New Orleans rock & roll, ballads, swamp-pop, some down home guitar and ( with no incongruity whatever ) a beautifully oily ' La Bamba ' - all sleazy leers and flashing spanish eyes, making it seem positively filthy ! His solo albums are a revelation and we wish him all the luck his immense talents deserve.


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