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COMING SOON!! The new Mike Sanchez album featuring Albert Lee!

It's high time I started letting everyone know that I will soon have a fabulous new album to release featuring Grammy award winning country rock guitar legend Albert Lee. This album is mostly original songs with a selection of good rockin' covers. It was a project recorded back in 2004 around the same time that we recorded Almost Grown featuring Imelda May and done at the same legendary studio Sweet Georgia Brown in London where our buddies Mick Wigfall and Ryan Sim-Savage had engineered some of the best bands of the times. I was nearing the end of my 4 years of touring with Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings and whilst Albert was in London I invited him to perform on what I feel are some of the best songs I have ever written. The band is simply my good buddies Mark Morgan on drums, Al Gare on bass with my fellow Rhythm King buddy the great Albert Lee on guitar and myself on vocals, acoustic guitar and piano. I'm very proud and most excited because I am just one of only several people in this world who have even heard these tracks and so I wish to leave them soon in your hands so you can judge for yourself if this album is a success. Mmm.. now I'm REALLY excited!!! So, if you're a Mike Sanchez or an Albert Lee fan, then good looking, you're gonna like what's cookin'! PLEASE START SPREADING THE WORD! I'll be back with more info soon!!


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