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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my new website!

My dear friends, fans, family... and all your dogs and cats too!

Well, well! It gives me great pleasure to inform you that in the last two days I have finally understood how to build my own website where I can personally update every page myself, and you know what? It feels good!

So,... Welcome to my new website everyone!

Yes, to some of you these pages may seem a little too bright and garish for your personal taste, well ladies and gentlemen, this is me and here I am! In charge of the reigns as I show you all that I am the captain, the boss of my little corner, the lose cannon on the deck! I might make a spelling mistake here and there, I might chose to have colours that clash and cause eye sores! I might not! :-)

Right then,, let me leave you now while I continue adding and improving these pages and I will see you all here again very soon. Needless to say, I will be updating you all as regularly as possible with my tour dates and other news, but for now, I wish you all love, happiness and loads of rock'n'roll!

Mike Sanchez


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